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    Changes in library opening hours:


    Saturday 31.10.2015 library is closed


  • (12.1 7:14)

    Please, be informed that  the help desk at Wypożyczalnia is open from 8 am to 3 pm in January, 2015. Our Library is moving all library items to a new location at Nadbystrzycka 36C.

  • (29.5 8:23)

    Dear readers,

  • (29.5 8:22)

    Dear readers,

    we would like to inform you about temporary access to over 20 000 digital books from many disciplines published by Cambridge University Press.


  • (20.2 10:35)

    Please, be informed that Faculty Library of Environmental Science will be open shorter hours [till 3.30 pm] till Wednesday, 26 th Feb. 2014

    and Faculty Library Of Civil Engineering and Architecture is now open!

  • (27.1 10:17)

    The Library would like to welcome all users to test the database: REAXYS from Elsevier Information GmbH.

    The access: https://www.reaxys.com allows us to search topics of organic and non-organic chemistry. It contains data from Beilstein databases: CrossFire plus Reactions plus Abstracts plus Ecopharm, Gmelin and also Patent Chemistry Database.

    The test will be active till 15th of January, 2014.


  • (06.5 10:44)

    eBook Subscription EngineeringCore Collection to test till 31st May

    The collection of more than 4,700 electronic books comes from publishers like: Wiley-IEEE, Academic Press and Butterworth-Heinemann.

    The most interesting titles are: "Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook", "Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers", "RTL Hardware Design Using VHDL",  "Understanding Telecommunications Networks".

  • (06.5 10:00)

    JSTOR - more collections to test till 30th June.
    JSTOR offers to search through more than 1700 journal titles and their archives.

    This database can be entered from www.jstor.org  [if you use campus computers do not need to log in].


  • (06.5 9:38)

    iG Publishing offers a free trial to its electronic sources of 60000 publication titles. You can search within the content by using key words, titles, chapters, authors, page contents and sharing the information by popular social services.

    Welcome to free trial till 30 th June, 2013!


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