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Library during the Pandemic

LUT Library during the Pandemic


Until the end of the period announced in the Rector’s Statement – to 24th May 2020r.:


We don't process the orders for books. We don't charge any fees for the overdue books.
We automatically prolong the loan of the books.

The Circulation Desk is open from Monday to Friday (8:00 am- 3:00 pm).

You can contact us by phone 81 538-4366 or e mail wypozyczalnia@pollub.pl


We electronically confirm the signature on the Clearance Sheet,
needed at the end of the studies, after sending us the e-mail from the account edu.pollub.pl


According to Rector’s Statement concerning the rules of verification of learning effects
outside the building of the university with the use of E-learning,
clearance sheets will be confirmed electronically.
If the student doesn’t have any books on the library account,
the clearance sheet will be confirmed electronically and sent to the particular Dean’s Office.


Users who still have the rented books on the account:


In order to get the confirmation on the clearance card they have to return the books.

We ask them to return the books to the library Drop Box
which is situated in the hall of Centre for Innovation and Advanced Technologies.
The books can be left in the Drop Box from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am- 15 pm.

After the return, the books must undergo 3-day period of quarantine.

After this time, the information of their return will be changed in the library electronic system.


Students who didn’t attend stationary classes from Information Literacy


They are asked to get the credit in the online course on E-Learning platform “Moodle”:


In order to get the credit for the classes 

they have to take the online course and pass the quiz.

If you have any questions, please contact Katarzyna Weinper: k.weinper@pollub.pl



Remember that Library is not only the books on shelves!

We encourage you to take use of the multiple e-sources available on our website
in E-reading room.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Keep in touch with us- phone, write, and ask- we will provide you with necessary information concerning the search of literature and the use of electronic sources- databases, services, tools.


All users who have the library account can access online LUT Library materials: 

e-books, e-journals, databases at e-Reading room.


If you want to use databases outside the campus you have to change the settings
in your Internet Browser (instructions).



You can contact the librarians by phone or e-mail:


Administration and Finances: 81 538-4677, email:sekrtetariat.bg@pollub.pl

Library and Information Services: 81 538-4366, email: wypożyczalnia@pollub.pl

Resources: 81 538-4687, email:gromadzenie@pollub.pl

Bibliometric Analyses: 81 538-4686, email: oin@pollub.pl

Publishing House of Lublin University of Technology: 81 538-4659, email: ph@pollub.pl

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