Order a book

What do you need to know before you start to use LUT Library?

- come to the Library Help Desk at "WYPOŻYCZALNIA" situated at Nadbystrzycka 36C, room 303,

- take with you a student card and ask a librarian to activate a library account,

- from now on you can use your own account to borrow library materials.


There are two kinds of library materials:

one: of short loan period of 3 days via personal collecting from faculty libraries.

second: of long loan period of 1 month to be ordered via computer catalogue and collected from the Library Help Desk of Wypożyczalnia [opening hours].


If you want to find a library material:

- search for the item in the computer catalogue at: www.biblioteka.pollub.pl ,

- check if it is able to be borrowed,

- check the details of the library material location,

- click the 'Request' button,

- you will need to enter a login [a student card number - six figures] and a password,

- and then continue by clicking 'Confirm' button and then: 'Send the request' button,

- up to total of 3 books can be borrowed by a registered user at one time,

- books are held for collection for up to five days.

You are responsible for returning a borrowed item by the due date.

You can also renew your loan: long term loan items must be renewed or returned after one month.


Renewing books:

Borrowed items need to be renewed at least 24 hours before the due date.
If the library item, borrowed by you, has been reserved by another user - you are supposed to return it.

You can renew in following ways:

- in person at the Help Desk of Wypożyczalnia - see opening hours ,

- by email - see library contact details [in Polish],

- online via the Library Catalogue, check the Patron Access [my account] area of the Library Catalogue.


Strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka (cookies). Ciasteczka pozawiają utrzymać sesję Użytkownika komunikatora oraz umożliwiają nam tworzenie anonimowych statystyk ilości odsłon oraz sposobu korzystania z zasobów. Dzięki nim możemy podnosić jakość serwisu.
Jeżeli nie wyrażasz zgody na zapisywanie plików cookies w pamięci swojego urządzenia zmień ustawienia przeglądarki. Jeśli nie blokujesz ciasteczek wyrażasz tym samym zgodę na ich używanie i zapisywanie.
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